Colorado Certified Florist

About Us

The Colorado Certified Florist program is dedicated to bringing a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise to those in the retail florist industry. As a Certified Florist, you will bring a new standard of quality to your work by demonstrating your professional expertise and passing a certification process.

Become a local Certified Florist; you’ll be glad you did.

Knowledge & Education

Every Certified Florist must pass a rigorous exam that thoroughly tests their knowledge of flowers and plants care, as well as floral design.
Continuing education is required of all Certified Florists assuring they will be proficient in design and aware of new floral trends and innovative techniques.

Quality & Professionalism

From cooler temperature and humidity to hydration and preservation, the Certified Florist knows the best ways to care for flowers.
Certified Florists uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional practice in our industry and is endorsed by the National Alliance of Floral Associations (NAFA).

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Do's and Don'ts of Certification

The Hands On design portion of the CPF is a straight forward assessment of a designer’s core skills and knowledge of the standards set forth in the CPF Resource Manual.

Be sure to know these core standards to ensure high scores on evaluations. The following tips are based on what is commonly seen at any CPF testing site.

Code of Ethics

Upon becoming a Colorado Certified Florist you will be required to uphold the standards which are reflected in the Code of Ethics.

As a Colorado Certified Florist I pledge to represent myself, and the industry in a professional manner.

Continuing Education

Every year you must obtain six CEUs in order to keep your certification active. These are obtained by attending industry functions on a state or national level.

The entire list of qualifying programs, functions, and more are in the list available below in pdf format.